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Reviews on our OKIA-BLACK-550 Power Supply

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Reviews on our OKIA-BLACK-550 Power Supply

Postby tomazws on 12.13.2010 02.19.06

Found some reviews on our Gamer Power Supply: OKIA-BLACK-550


Model - OKIA-BLACK-550
Maximum Power - 550 Watts
Color - Black

Form Factor - ATX
Cooling System - 1 x 4 color LED 12cm Fan
24 PIN
Retail Box packaged
Warranty - 1 Year
Model OKIA-BLACK-550
Type ATX
Maximum Power 550 Watts
Connectors 20/24pin Atx main connector
Package Retail
Cooling 1 x 4 color LED 12cm Fan

REVIEWS (Collected Elsewhere):
(4 1/2 *s)
Got this to replace 2X 250 watt supplies (one was on top of my tower). 5/5 Pros: -Fast Shipping -Value is excellent -Cables reached all the places they needed to. (you might require a molex to SATA extension to reach the hard drive. But if you have 2 CD/DVD drives, you'd need one anyway.) - Has enough cables for a second video card (would be almost hitting max wattage though) - The fan lights are cooler than i thought they would be. Cons: -Low frills packaging - A little lighter than other PSU's of similar wattage.
(5 *s)
Not expensive, yet it runs pretty quietly. (That is... I can hear a noise, but it is not a bothersome or anoying kind of noise). I am satisfied with this purchase and would purchase it again for my other unit, if needed.)
(5 *s)
I was looking for a cheap and powerful power supply, I found this one. I didn't expect a lot from it because it was cheap, a brand that I ever heard before and like many other things, made in China. I installed it almost 2 years ago and, surprise, still running! It has a HUGE fan, which helps to cool the power supply very quietly. The internal light gives an elegant looking to my computer. I'm very satisfied with it. Recommended!
(5 equivalent stars)
Unit is very quiet and fits an ATX form factor just fine. Was replacing just so my new graphics card would have enough power to run. Also very cheap =). Has enough connectors that are long enough as well. =)

For $25.87 from! Not Bad! :mrgreen:

Note, If you need a 6 pin video card connector for this power supply we have one here at this link:
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